It’s a sad commentary on the world we live in, but cheating spouses are more common than ever. Maybe you’ve seen the signs but just don’t want to deal with the truth. But when it comes to a cheating spouse, the only thing worse than knowing the truth is not knowing the truth.

Although many of them could equally apply to a wife who is cheating on her husband, the  recently published a list of that might indicate your husband is cheating. 

1. His Looks
If your husband suddenly becomes more concerned about his appearance, it could be a sign he is sprucing up for another woman.

2. Too Much Overtime
Spending too much time at work could just be the sign of a hard-working man. But it could also be a sign of cheating. Taking a look at his pay stub is a logical first step to see if he is really logging all those hours at work or somewhere else.

3. Paying Extra Attention to His Car
If he is having an affair, he may spend more time caring for his ride than normal in order to impress his mistress.

4. Hairy Evidence
It sounds like an old cliche, but long hairs on his clothing that don’t belong to you could be a sign of cheating.

5. Reluctance to Go Shirtless or Be Seen Naked
New lovemaking activities tied to his affair could result in bruises or marks that he would find hard to explain. Needless to say, unexplained bruises or marks in suspicious places could also be a good indicator of adultery.

6. Loss of Appetite or Refusal to Eat Out with You
He may be sharing his meals and his appetite with his new lover instead of you.

7. Strange Perfume
Another cliche, but your sense of smell is more developed than his and you may be able to “sniff out” that he is seeing another woman.

8. Lying
By their very nature, affairs are secretive. So signs of deception or out and out lying can be indicators of cheating.

9. Increase in Online Activity
More time spent on the internet or texting, especially if he is being secretive about it, could indicate infidelity.

10. Unexplained Expenses
Affairs can be expensive. Check his bank statements and credit card bills for suspicious charges that may show he is spending his money on someone else.

11. Dry Spells
All couples experience dry spells when it comes to intimacy from time to time. But extended periods could indicate that he is expending his sexual energy elsewhere.

12. Secret Conversations
Unless he is planning a surprise for you, there is no real reason for him to keep his conversations private.

13. Picking Fights
Starting an argument with you could give him an excuse to go see his lover or convince himself that his adultery is justified.

14. He Accuses You of Cheating
In a odd way, this can be a sign of a guilty conscience due to his own cheating.

15. Privacy
A sudden need for privacy can be another red flag of a cheating partner.

16. Mood Swings
This is a good indicator especially if he seems happier when he is leaving home than when he returns.

17. Cold Shoulder
A decrease in emotional attachment can also result from an affair or an interest in another woman.

Keep in mind that there may be very innocent causes behind these signs and by themselves they may not indicate adultery. But when you combine them with other suspicions that he is being unfaithful as a spouse, it may be time to take a closer look. That’s when a personal investigator can help to either confirm or dispel your suspicions of infidelity. 

At Focal Point Investigations, our private detectives utilize a variety of investigative techniques to determine if adultery is actually occurring. Some of our techniques include surveillance, internet and social media monitoring, GPS tracking, cell phone records, and computer forensics. If you think your husband or wife may be cheating on you, for a free consultation about an . We can help you bring the truth into focus…

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  1. The best way to catch a cheating husband or wife is to take action based on your suspicions. It’s the only way to know for sure and holding off on taking action can ruin your relationship. A spy device like a spy camera is perfect and gives you what you need to know one way or the other, sometimes it gives you the trust back that you needed.

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