Focal Point Investigations is pleased to add Janene Schmidt as the latest member of our ever-growing team of private investigators. Janene is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a Certified Fraud Examiner with an extensive background in financial investigations and investigative audits.

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In addition to being licensed by SLED, Focal Point Investigations is affiliated with both the SC Association of Licensed Investigators (SCALI) and the National Internal Affairs Investigators Association (NIAIA). In fact, NIAIA recently contracted with FPI President Ray Nash to conduct leadership and professional training at the NIAIA Annual Conference in Tampa.

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That has to be the number one, most common question I get asked when someone discovers I am a . It’s a hard question to answer because our team is capable of handling a very diverse portfolio of cases. Plus, every case is unique and has its own challenges and characteristics. But here is a summary of some of the cases we have worked recently:

Contested Estates Dealing with the death of a loved one is never easy. But it is infinitely complicated when there is distrust and suspicions among the heirs. In one case, we were able to determine that a key document regarding the estate had been forged by a family member. In another contested estate case, we assisted an overseas family in bringing some clarity to US probate laws and procedures. This case is still pending and may involve illegal acquisition/disposition of estate assets. Some cases may involve evidence of .

In one case, we were able to track down a former flame from 50 years ago! Talk about a lost love…

Wrongful Arrests and Police Use of Force The vast majority of police officers are honorable public servants. But there are those that exceed their legal boundaries by making or exercising . The good cops need to be supported and encouraged. But the bad ones need to be exposed and weeded out. In one case, a father felt that his daughter had been wrongfully arrested and mistreated by a police officer while she was away at college. We were able to assist the family in resolving the issue. All charges against the daughter were eventually dropped.

Skip Traces A tenant skipped out owing the landlord past due rent. Although she attempted to keep a low profile, we were able to find her new address so the landlord could have civil papers served. Because we are a , we have access to databases that are otherwise unavailable to the public. The landlord was very happy to pay our fee on this case! In another case, we were able to determine the whereabouts of the former tenant even though he had moved to another state.

Runaway Teens Their son had been missing for several days when we got a panicked plea for help from the mother. We were able to track his movements and ultimately found him the next day hiding in a patch of woods. It was an emotional reunion for him and his family.

Bigamy? A client had been separated from her husband for many years but never got divorced. She was worried that he was . A thorough background investigation and datamine failed to turn up any records of another marriage which helped our client put the matter to rest and gave her some much needed peace of mind.

Child Custody/Support can be sticky and unpredictable. But you never know what you are going to discover. In one case, we uncovered evidence of an international crime ring! Other cases have turned up evidence of fraud, , and activities that place the children in danger. One parent was caught subjecting her asthmatic child to in direct violation of the custody order. In another case, we uncovered evidence that the father was a sexual offender and he was later charged with bigamy for being secretly married to someone else. Another one may turn out to be a , a rather insidious type of who exercises control over their partners through unwanted or unexpected pregnancies.

DUI No one understands the dangers of better than us. But in our system of justice, someone has to be sure the police followed proper procedure and that all due process rights of the defendant are protected. In one case involving a serious traffic accident, evidence showed that the arresting officer erred by charging the wrong person. She may have been drunk, but she wasn’t driving!

Infidelity It’s no fun to think that your spouse is being unfaithful. But if the signs are there, you owe it to yourself to find out the truth. In one case, we were able to establish proof of after extensive (both personal and electronic) which gave our client the ammunition he needed to successfully negotiate the final divorce settlement and child custody issues. In another, we found no evidence of unfaithfulness which gave our client the confidence to reconcile with his wife. In yet another, both spouses chose to reunite even after the infidelity was confirmed.

Criminal Defense One of the most famous defense attorneys of all time understood the value of a private investigator. , was usually the one who came up with the crucial piece of evidence proving the client’s innocence, just in time for the dramatic reveal in the courtroom. While may be fictional, the value of a professional private detective in a is not. We have worked cases involving allegations of child homicide, attempted murder, bank robbery, armed robbery, sexual assault, and child molestation. Again, no one wants to see a truly guilty person escape justice. But it is not uncommon at all for over-zealous police officers and prosecutors to charge the wrong person, violate Constitutional protections, overlook crucial evidence, or otherwise abuse the due process rights of the accused.

Insurance Claims Documenting the events and circumstances surrounding an can be beneficial to both parties. PIs can protect insurance agencies against fraud as well as help claimants prove their cases.

Domestic Issues Family life can be complicated under the best of circumstances. We have helped families deal with troubled youth, criminal activity, substance abuse, and other factors that lead to domestic dysfunction.

Computer Forensics and Cyber-security In the digital age, virtually every case we work has an IT component. We have determined if a client’s digital devices have been hacked, traced suspicious emails and social media activity, cleaned up their digital footprint, installed cyber-security safeguards, and set up cyberspace sting operations, sometimes in conjunction with state and federal law enforcement authorities.

Security Assessments We have had clients who suspected that one or more persons had entered their residence without authorization or hacked their digital devices and online accounts. We have conducted full and made recommendations regarding alarm systems, perimeter security, and personal protection measures.

is pleased to add Remington Duncan to its team of professional . To receive his license, Remington had to meet all standards required by the including an extensive background investigation. In addition to his detective work, Remington is pursuing his business degree at and aspires to become a lawyer. He joins Ray Nash, Tom Marshall, Rebecca Parker, Rich Thomas, and Joe Parker as the 6th Licensed Private Investigator on . According to Sheriff Ray Nash, Founder and CEO of Focal Point Investigations, “What distinguishes FPI from many other private detective agencies is the depth and breadth of experience that our team brings to the table.

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It’s a sad commentary on the world we live in, but cheating spouses are more common than ever. Maybe you’ve seen the signs but just don’t want to deal with the truth. But when it comes to a cheating spouse, the only thing worse than knowing the truth is not knowing the truth.

Although many of them could equally apply to a wife who is cheating on her husband, the  recently published a list of that might indicate your husband is cheating. 

1. His Looks
If your husband suddenly becomes more concerned about his appearance, it could be a sign he is sprucing up for another woman.

2. Too Much Overtime
Spending too much time at work could just be the sign of a hard-working man. But it could also be a sign of cheating. Taking a look at his pay stub is a logical first step to see if he is really logging all those hours at work or somewhere else.

3. Paying Extra Attention to His Car
If he is having an affair, he may spend more time caring for his ride than normal in order to impress his mistress.

4. Hairy Evidence (more…)

Private Investigator or Personal Investigator

We’re all familiar with the of PI standing for Private Investigator. And I guess in one sense we are. The government has its “public” investigators in the form of police detectives. But sometimes citizens need their own investigators. So I like to think of PI as standing for “Personal Investigator” because that is a more accurate description of the .

Imagine this was this scene outside of your business tomorrow morning

The serves as a reminder of the dangerous, unpredictable, and chaotic world that we now find ourselves. If you are a business owner, corporate executive, or head of a household, you should be asking yourself, “Am I prepared to prevent, detect, and respond to a violent attack at my home or place of business?”

According to (ret.), “Not only are there huge liability issues at stake, but we have an even bigger moral responsibility to protect our employees, customers, and loved ones.” If you have never conducted a security assessment at your workplace or home, or maybe you just need to update your existing emergency action plan, the stand ready to help.

Are you prepared…?

During a , our team will:

  • inspect internal and external perimeter security
  • evaluate current security measures
  • identify breaches and vulnerabilities
  • review emergency action plan
  • recommend policies and procedures
  • conduct training as necessary
You have a legal and moral responsibility to protect your employees

Threats to the safety of your workplace and the security of company assets include disgruntled employees, irritated customers, armed robberies, gang or mob violence, corporate espionage, employee theft, and even terrorism. If your business is located in the Lowcountry or Midlands of SC, don’t be caught off guard.

SLED License # PDC 3067

Focal Point Investigations is fully licensed and bonded to conduct private investigation services in South Carolina. We are available for cases anywhere in the state but specialize in the Lowcountry areas of Summerville, Charleston, North Charleston, Moncks Corner, Goose Creek, Mt. Pleasant, and Beaufort.

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Go to our Contact Page and reach out to Focal Point Investigations today for a free and confidential consultation. Our team of experienced and seasoned investigators are available to meet virtually any private investigation need:

• criminal defense
• insurance fraud
• suspicions of infidelity
• security and threat assessments
• finding lost loved ones
• background investigations

Your confidentiality is assured. Our team of investigators knows how to keep the "private" in private investigations.